She Carries: The Prelude

When I think of what I carry.. not just as a Literary Artist but as a Black Woman, I envision nothing BUT versatility…

nothing BUT rare complexities.

nothing BUT multidimensional experiences.

nothing BUT trendsetters & mothers of nations.

nothing BUT glory, in all that I am.

To me, “She Carries” speaks to any and everything placed on and inside of a woman; tangibly and intangibly, consciously and subconsciously, visibly and invisibly.

She Carries, speaks to the woman in your life whether it is an aunt, friend, sister, wife, grandmother, mother, cousin or daughter who carries emotional and mental weight.

This weight can source from any and everyone around her, including herself. This realization comes from I, myself, noticing all that I carry, and the point where I started to carry heavily in my own life.

As written in Chapter 3 of my memoir: , entitled: She Carries, my emotional turmoil began when my grandmother passed away in 2008. I was very young, around 13 years old, and I didn’t know what to make of it. While some may think that’s old enough to process, it really isn’t when you’re simultaneously dealing with the major transitions of entering womanhood and entering high school.

My grandma and I were very close and it was traumatic to come to terms with the fact that physically, she’d never return to me…

I wasn’t prepared, and I don’t think we ever are when it’s a matter of life or death, no matter how much we believe we may be.

This said, I wanted to set the scene, I wanted to create a platform that catered to women pouring back into themselves entirely, when we are constantly choosing others and being used as vessels to fill others.

You can count on me to curate this feed with our reality in the common sense and highlight individuality connected with the fruit of our loom as Black Woman throughout the entire Diaspora.

She Carries.. alot and so she deserves so much more.♡

stay tuned for more, let’s stay connected⇣

Written by:

Chántelle Adanna is a Literary Artist & Author. She writes for Black Women to feel when they’re too busy feeling for everyone else. This birthed: She Carries™